About us.

Laird and Gross was formed by William Laird and David Gross several years ago with a goal of combining over 40 years of all facets of residential and commercial construction experience. The two met on a residential project and formed a solid friendship that has stood for over a decade. They decided that in order to service the challenges of high mountain construction that their combined experience reputations would be the basis for their new venture.

Ensuring their success they collaborate on each project as a team and act as managers on their respective jobs ensuring a close personal relationship with the architectural team and the client.

There is never a time when one of the owners is not in town – always ensuring an efficient process.

Our reputation for high quality work at a fair price has allowed us to align ourselves with some of the most talented designers, engineers and architects in Crested Butte. We take pride in each job and make it our mission to have our clients 100% satisfied.